1. What is the taste of implants?

Titanium implants are non-corrosive and don’t leave any metallic taste behind. The bridges, also known as prosthetic teeth attached to the implants malodorous, which means they are tasteless. Following New Teeth Now, you are able to fully enjoy the taste of your food and avoid the unpleasant aftertaste caused by decay or damaged teeth. Our patients frequently tell us that having the procedure can greatly enhance their food enjoyment.

2. Do Your Feel Zygomatic implants in your cheeks?

The cheekbone area which supports the Zygomatic implants is not equipped with nerve receptors, which means it isn’t possible to feel the implants after they’ve been placed. Implants are placed by a certified or maxillofacial surgeon who is board-certified. surgeon Implants made of zygomatic material will be pain-free. The placing of Zygomatic implants is far easier for patients than other options that require additional procedures and visits.

It is also impossible to feel the implants using your fingers. They are placed in the tissues of the jaw and cheekbones. There isn’t any protrusion altering the contour or appearance of the face.

3. Do You Have the Ability to Go Through an Iron Detector using Dental Implants?

Titanium implants don’t have magnetic properties. This means that they will not trigger a metal detector. It means you’re able to traverse security checkpoints at the airport, without setting alarms due to dental work performed at New Teeth Now.

4. Do you find it difficult to floss using full Mouth Dental Implants?

New Teeth Now prosthetics are manufactured in our laboratory each bridge is one smooth and solid piece There is no need for flossing as traditional. New Teeth Now patients use water flossers to rinse off the buildup that may accumulate on the bridge as well as gums.

5. Could Dental Implants Cause Tinnitus?

However, any loud or powerful vibration close enough to the ears may cause injury to the nerve that controls the cochlear. Because the mouth is so near to this part of our body, all dental procedure that requires instruments can disturb the delicate structure that is the part of the ear.

6. Implants alter a person’s perception of smell or taste?

A lot of patients visit New Teeth Now to treat their periodontal issues completely. Patients often say they are more able to taste and smell following the procedure because of the elimination of bacteria after the extraction. This is another advantage of New Teeth Now over dentures because the majority of partials and dentures be able to cover a small portion of the palate drastically reducing one’s perception of taste.

7. Implants can increase a person’s chance of developing Sinusitis as well as Sinus Infections?

It is not a frequent inquiry in our clinic. Certain patients are worried that zygomatic and maxillary (upper jaw) implants could cause a risk of sinus problems. But, when our board-certified maxillofacial and oral surgeons insert an upper jaw implant, these will not cause sinus problems. In other words, implants do not create any problems for patients’ sinuses.

8. Does Zygomatic Implants Impact Vision?

No. The Zygomatic bone (cheekbone) is situated near sensitive nerves within the eye, zygomatic implants do not affect this part of the eye.

We strongly discourage implant placement by your dentist in general practice. To protect yourself and avoid complications that are not needed, zygomatic implants should be only put in by a certified or maxillofacial and oral surgeon board-certified.

9. Implants can alter the shape of your Face?

Full mouth implants can help improve the alignment of your teeth which can drastically alter the facial shape. It’s easy to see how dramatic the change can look in our before-and-after photos. Implants that are only one can influence your bite, although they are less likely to cause significant changes to the appearance of patients.

For patients who are transitioning from a denture to full-mouth implants, or anyone suffering from bone loss This New Teeth now procedure can increase the volume and shape of the face. A lot of our patients are delighted by this procedure.

10. Do I Get Implants If I Have Osteoporosis?

Maybe. It depends on the prescription history you have. If you have any questions regarding how you’ve been treated, you can give us an email. We will help you decide whether you are eligible for this kind of procedure.

11. Can I dive using Dental Implants?

Yes. titanium implants are a light solid metal. They are extremely resistant to pressure fluctuations.

12. Professional athletes in Contact Sports Get Dental Implants?

They could. If you’re experiencing frequent tooth loss or if your sporting activities are the main reason why the dental implant fails (from injury to the blunt-like) this could be an additional concern. There is no way to get a new dental implant in the same location every couple of months. As a general rule, an entirely well-integrated and healed dental implant will be a secure alternative in contact sports. Make sure you protect your dental health by wearing the recommended equipment.

13. Are You Able to Travel Outer Space If You Have Dental Implants?

Yes. If you’re given the chance to travel to space the dental implants will not hinder you.

14. Are dental Implants sensitive to hot or cold food and Drink?

There isn’t an increase in sensibility to cold or hot drinks or food due to prosthetic teeth. The prosthetic does not have a nerve connection as well as the conductivity for the thermal energy of zirconia is extremely low, which means that the temperature change doesn’t travel very rapidly through the material.

15. Do you feel implants when riding a Roller Coaster?

Do you feel the natural teeth when riding on a roller coaster? The same principles apply. Implants that heal connect to bone, a process known as the process of osseointegration. A well-maintained implant will not wiggle around or rattle more than a normal tooth.

16. Do Dental Implants contain fake gums on them?

Some do. In New Teeth Now, the upper and lower bridges that are attached to the implants will come with prosthetic gum. This will give your final teeth a more comfortable and realistic appearance because the gums have been specially designed to conform to the unique shape of the gum ridge. Don’t worry about it. Nobody will be able to tell these aren’t natural gums.