IPL Hair elimination has grown to be very common through the years. Due to these under-certified IPL practitioners’ use of risky IPL systems or systems that just don’t paint, there are many myths and urban legends surrounding IPL hair elimination.

To lay these to relaxation our completely certified crew of nurses and doctors here at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic have put together their top 10 IPL hair removal myths:

Myth 1: IPL hair removal is painful

If you’ve ever waxed or had threading, then IPL hair elimination might be a stroll in the park!

The IPL eliminates hair It has a completely unique sapphire cooling spot. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is produced whilst an electric cutting-edge is exceeded through xenon gas. This reasons some warming sensation in the pores and skin however the use of the proper cooling system for the duration of the remedy this effect is removed within seconds.

Myth 2: IPL hair removal would not paintings on dark skin

It is actual that plenty of IPL systems don’t work on darker skin, however, the Exilite IPL works well on darker pores and skin and is designed for, and has brilliant outcomes on, all pores and skin sorts – Let’s have treatment handiest at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic.

Myth 3: Takes years of remedies to work

Again now not actual. As long as you’re the use of a powerful IPL together with Exilite then you could see results – even after one session.

For everlasting hair reduction, it is able to normally be seen within four-6 months. This is approximately four-6 treatments.

Myth four: IPL hair elimination is costly

Compared to an entire life of shaving cream and razors, electric-powered shavers, and epilators, waxing and threading IPL hair elimination is remarkably fee-powerful.

The effects of IPL hair elimination can close an entire life so it’s miles actually a profitable funding.

Myth 5: IPL hair removal is not secure

With a crew led by dermatologists and nurses, it’s far very uncommon for troubles to arise. We prevent those troubles by using encouraging thorough analysis and expertise of the pre-treatment hints, as there are a variety of things you need to keep away from before your remedy.

Myth 6: Can’t be executed on face/touchy regions

This is surely busted as the IPL may be used on any part of the skin.

Some of the most famous remedies are IPL treatments at the top lip, underarms, and bikini location.

Myth 7: IPL hair elimination doesn’t final

Guaranteed everlasting reduction in hair depends on the form of IPL used. People can anticipate looking for a reduction using a medical IPL such as our Exile. 

Myth 8: Can’t move swimming afterward

While now not without a seed of reality this one is also busted. We could recommend waiting 24-48 hours after your consultation before going for a swim. If you have got extraordinarily touchy skin and be aware that the facet consequences from your consultation closing longer than ordinary we might advocate waiting till your pores and skin has completely recovered before going for a swim. You ought to avoid direct sunlight and activities as a way to heat your pores and skin up for as much as 72 hours after remedy.

If you have got any additional questions concerning swimming after IPL Hair Removal, contact Lumina’s patient care coordinator.

Myth 9: You can’t have a fake tan on

This one is true. You can’t have a faux tan on at the same time as having a treatment. However, you may use faux tan in-among remedies provided the tan has worn off earlier than your subsequent remedy.

We also suggest that you wait for any herbal tan from your vacations to vanish earlier than remedy.

Myth 10: IPL hair removal causes ingrown hairs

IPL hair elimination is in fact the recommended treatment for ingrown hairs in situations including folliculitis and razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae).

After we explore Myths from IPL Hair Removal, this weblog will show you do’s and don’t’s before, at some stage in, and after IPL Hair Removal. 😉

Before IPL hair elimination

Firstly, before you go through IPL hair elimination treatment, you have to now not divulge the handled area to the sun or a sunbed. A sunscreen of SPF 30, or ideally a total sunblock of SPF 50, should be carried out every time uncovered to the solar is unavoidable.

You have to avoid plucking, waxing, or bleaching the hair for six weeks previous to treatment. Preserving the foundation and the pigment of the hair is imperative for the achievement of the IPL remedy.

You need to not shave the area to be dealt with the day or night before your appointment, Lumina’s nurse will assist to shave your hair before the system. It will allow the mild to move at once to the hair follicle.

During IPL hair elimination

During the procedure certain protection considerations are critical. The patient and some other individuals inside the IPL room want to shield eyewear to save you from the hazard of harm to the retina. A jet of chilled air is used with the light to limit epidermal harm and growth patient comfort. The use of a neighborhood anesthetic is non-obligatory.

After IPL hair elimination

Immediately following treatment the location may also show erythema (redness and a little swelling) across the follicles which appears much like large goosebumps.

Around 2 or 3 weeks after an IPL hair removal remedy 10 to 20% of the treated hairs will fall out. During the recovery section, the area must be handled delicately. Do no longer rub or scratch. If a crust develops let it fall off on its personal. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera ointment to the treated place several instances a day to hold it wet. Pat the vicinity dry. Do no longer shave the region if is swollen or crusting.

Apply ice whilst swelling happens. Wrap the ice in an easy smooth cloth. Discomfort or stinging may be relieved with Paracetamol. Do not take Ibuprofen or Aspirin as these drugs may additionally react to the IPL mild. If you need to use makeup on the area you should apply and get rid of it delicately. Excess rubbing can open the handled place and increase the risk of scarring. Avoid sports activities and strenuous workouts for 2 days following the remedy for IPL hair removal. Walking is advocated even though.

Avoid very warm baths, showers, steam baths, or saunas, and don’t swim in strongly chlorinated water for two or 3 days as we noted above on myths variety 8. Don’t use bleaching lotions or fragrance products for twenty-four to 48 hours. Avoid exfoliating or peeling for one week. Try to keep away from wearing tight garb for 2 or three days. And if there are signs of contamination like pus, tenderness, or fever, touch the hospital. Post-treatment skin care commands have to be accompanied to save you any headaches.